Curlew could have been described as a man who kept his head in the sand as equally as someone who’s optimism ultimately became his greatest downfall. Certainly his death will have been more of a surprise to him than anyone else, as the great procrastinator, he always believed that the job could be done tomorrow just as well as if it were to be done today. Upon his passing, the hallway still needed painting, the spare tyre hadn’t been mended and the study which looked like the old nursery still looked like the study and not the new nursery.

Curlew was married in May 2006, to the woman he loved deeply, although he managed to put off marriage until Mrs Curlew had become pregnant with the child who is destined now to inhabit the nursery that looks like the study which looks like the old nursery.

Mrs Curlew is known to be most dismayed that she is not only left behind to bring up Curlew Jnr by herself but has a list of oddjobs that has been gathering dust on Curlew’s desk, that she now has to sort out without the benefit of Curlew to moan at.

Initially, Curlew showed great promise with high academic achievement and a scholarship to the renowned Atlantic College in Wales. Here he discovered freedom from small Island restrictions, girls in all their glory and chillin’! Grades began a slow descent from which they weren’t to recover although this wasn’t enough to stop entry to university.

University saw some extreme chillin’ taking place, little in the way of work got done unless tomorrow’s deadline had become today’s. Curlew drew deeply on the large but diminishing intellectual capital he had built up in the early years. Floating through on a 2:2, Curlew retired back to his British Island retreat to think about doing something, someday.

Temp work, meeting love of life for first time, trip to Israel to get her back from grip of gorgeous Israeli boyfriend, mission accomplished, 5 year’s of peace keeping and relation building followed the initial swift victory.

This time of consolidation in their relationship saw a year in Eastern Europe almost succeed in squeezing the life out the plucky duo and trips to Western and Central Africa. Spurred on by Mrs Curlew’s relentless zest for life, they set up a fundraising charity for a slum school and set about raising money and awareness of the incredible poverty and challenges that people overcome on a daily basis.

Curlew always had a deep affection for his close friends. Born its seems like him, with an Islander’s instinct for dreaming away the need for action and placing a certain overreliance on the capabilities of tomorrow to deal with the needs of today. This did however mean that many good times were had spent with the Weap, Bananas, Fingers, Ged and many, many more. Curlew loved more than anything to laugh and those friends he was lucky enough to have around him, frequently had the great procrastinator holding his sides together to prevent the splitting that was ultimately to cost him his life.

Curlew came to his sad, fun-filled, untimely end as he listened to the lyrics of another ‘No, Oddball’ tune. There is dispute as to which particular satirical melody stole his final breath but popular myth has already decided that he was overcome by an attack of the Kirsten’s.

Curlew 1974 -2006